Saturday, December 02, 2006

Microsoft Contest----- Securewars

Securewars _ IT Pro Security Contest
Securewars is a unique Microsoft India initiative to promote the concepts of Information systems security amongst Indian IT Professionals. This contest targeted at all IT Professionals based out of India with many fabulous prizes to be won.
For Full Details visit Microsoft at

How to register?

Registration process will start from 30th Nov 2006 to 31st Dec 2006. For registration visit


Any IT professional residing in India shall be entitled to participate in the Contest ("Participant").
  • An employee, agent or a relative of an employee of Microsoft, or its parent company Microsoft Corporation, USA shall not be eligible to participate in the Contest.

  • Each Participant must ensure that his/her participation in the Contest is lawful and is in accordance with the applicable laws.

  • Stages of the Contest (Highlights, Please check the details at Microsoft site)

    Stage - I will start from 7th Dec & end on 31st Dec 2006. Results will be announced on 3rd Jan 2007. Stage 1 will have 50 objective and multiple choice questions.
    Stage - II will start from 3rd Jan 2007 and end on 15th Jan 2007. It will have 50 objective and multiple choice questions.
    Stage -III will start from 17th Jan 2007 and end on 31st Jan 2007. In stage III, which will be offline, the top 100 participants will be given a case study with defined business and technical requirements with possibility to propose numerous products, technologies and processes.
    Stage –IV Top 10 participants from stage III will be interviewed by a panel of experts.


    1 st prize winner willl get 2 Tickets to the cricket match on 28th April 2007 in West indies which includes return air tickets, lodging and boarding.
  • Top 10 will get Xbox 360

  • Top 100 will get Windows Smart Phones

  • Top 1000 will get USB kits

  • 500 Early Bird Prizes – Back Packs

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    Lakshmikanth said...

    Has anybody reveived the top 100 prize (Smart Phone) till date?